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You are at the Official Canadian Website of Asonor®. Here you can learn about Asonor®; the Scandinavian Anti Snoring Solution, and where to buy it in Canada. Scroll down to learn more.

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What is ASONOR?

Asonor is a natural-based solution clinically proven to reduce or stop snoring in 3 out of 4 users (%75 success rate). The ingredients are Polysorbate, Glycerol, Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Edetatesodium,  and Potassium Sorbate 0.15% as a preservative.

Health Canada considers Asonor a Natural Health Product with NPN 80042277

Asonor is a very popular product in England, actually the “Best Seller” on amazon.co.uk (UK amazon) in the “Snore Reducing Aids” with 2000 reviews !!

Adverse effects: No adverse effects, therefore even pregnant women and children from the age of 7 can use it.

Asonor does not contain any steroid or antihistamine, therefore no drowsiness.

Recommended for people with ordinary to heavy snoring.

Manufactured by: Tanner Medico | Denmark. For more information visit the website of the manufacturer, click here.

Helpful Tip: Turmeric added to a glass of warm milk before sleep is an old Natural home remedy for snoring. 

What is Snoring?

Snoring occurs when you can not pass air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. It causes the tissues around these organs to vibrate and produce the familiar sound of snoring. Those who snore usually have extra tissue in their nose and throat or the tissue in these areas is “loose” which causes it to vibrate. The position of your tongue can also prevent you from breathing comfortably. 

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How Dose ASONOR Work to Stop Snoring?

The main cause of snoring is the formation of unwanted fat around the throat or nasal cavity and this fat triggers hindrance in the airway during sleep. If you pour three-four drops of nasal spray in your nasal cavity every night, the spray then enables the dismissal of this hindrance and offers you a pleasant sleep.

Treats Congestion

The other cause of snoring can be –congestion. A nasal spray for snoring works quickly in clearing the passage of the nasal and treats the cold, blockage, and congestion. Inflammation in the nasal passage can also cause the blockage of the sinus passages; a nasal spray also prevents this inflammation. Once the mucus is loosened by the spray it can be ejected by the body, giving space for the snorer to breathe freely without obstruction.

Oil-Free Nasal Spray

Many people consider choosing a nasal spray that contains oil. But, an oily nasal spray only moisturizes and lubricates the nasal passage without treating the symptoms. A spray containing oil is not recommended as the oil can increase the obstruction of air. Hence, an oil and chemical-free spray work better in the treatment of snoring.

Works at the root level

Not only treating the symptoms but a nasal spray terminates the main cause of the snoring. With the synchronized dispensement of the medicine, it nourishes the muscles of the airway and safeguards the throat muscles from less mitigation. It completely eliminates the disorders that occur during sleep and allows you to enjoy deep and relaxing slumber.

No More Dryness

Often snorers complain of mouth being very dry when they get up in the morning. They get up feeling thirsty and may not be getting complete rest at night, as they get up frequently to wet their throat. However, nasal sprays lubricate the mucous membrane which ensures that it does not dry up as you sleep.

Gone are the days when you had to bear your partner’s snoring habit without any choice. Or for that matter, get up feeling tired even after sleeping for 7-8 hours at night. Today, there are ways to cure it and enjoy comfortable slumber. And, there is no reason to neglect the problem of snoring as well – until or unless you love being ill or surrounded by diseases. Snoring brings many other undesirable problems along. So, the easiest and efficient way, through which you can cure snoring, is using an anti-snoring nasal spray. Just use 3-4 drops consistently (or as per the recommendation on the bottle) and you will have resolved your snoring problem!

How to Use Asonor?

Every night, before bedtime this nasal spray should be used. It uses a specially designed nasal delivery system that places the solution at the back of the throat.
Tilt the head back, and pump 4 to 6 times in each nostril, until the solution can be felt at the throat.

In order to achieve the best results, it is very important that the solution reaches and coats the mucous membrane of the throat.

In some cases, the desired immediate result is not achieved. However, we recommend that you use Asonor consistently until the desired effect is obtained, normally within two weeks. You should use Asonor every night and avoid drinking or eating after the use of Asonor.


What are Asonor Ingredients?

Asonor contains Polysorbate 80, Glycerol 85%, Sodium Chloride, Dibasic Sodium Edetate, Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water.

Asonor History

Asonor® is a snoring solution manufactured  by Tanner Medico in Denmark for more than 20 years which is formulated by Boehringer Ingelheim, the world’s leading research-driven pharmaceutical company. A snoring aid clinically proven to decrease and stop snoring.

Independent consumer tests as well as clinical studies by the English and Danish University hospitals support the product efficiency. Results show that snoring is eliminated and or reduced in 3 out of 4 individuals.

Compared to Asonor, laser treatments and anti-snoring sleeping devices are not as effective. Furthermore accompanied by health risks and side effects. Asonor® is the simplest snoring aid to reduce snoring. Just a few pumps of Asonor snoring solution ensures improved good night sleep.

Asonor is distributed throughout Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and the Americas. Asonor is distributed in Canada by Canphar Inc. and Bluesky Best.


Where to Buy Asonor in Canada?

Asonor is distributed in Canada by Canphar Inc. and Bluesky Best.


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Health Canada considers Asonor a Natural Health Product with NPN 80042277.

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