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About Manufacturer

Tanner Medico A/S | Denmark

At TannerMedico A/S, the aim is to help you sleep comfortable, breathe easier and live healthier. We truly believe that any good treatment aims at killing the cause and not just the symptoms. We are a Scandinavian company with the corporate headquarters, located at the DTU Science Park in north of Copenhagen. We are the worldwide owner and manufacture of Asonor. Our GMP production facilities and warehouses are located in both Denmark, Spain, and Germany.

Asonor® is a patented product originally developed about 20 years ago by Behringer Ingelheim, and to day patent, trademark and product is owned by Tanner Medico A/S.

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Our Anti Snoring Product

We are helping the snorers (and their partners) worldwide with our snoring aid. Asonor® is the world’s leading brand within anti-snoring medicines, which helps you to get rid of snoring and gain comfortable sleep. Through our wide network of distributors, Asonor® has worldwide distribution. Till date, it has been sold or registered by the Health Authorities in nearly 70 countries.

Why Asonor® is the best treatment for snore?

Sometimes we take it in laughter and many times, we accept it as a habit, however snoring is not such a trivial matter to ignore. Asonor® is the simplest and effective method, which kills the cause of snoring.

Asonor® – Simplest Method to End Snore

Asonor® is the simplest way of getting rid of snoring and its harmful impacts. Just few pumps of Asonor ensure you sound sleep and healthy life.



“This product seemed to work so well that I’m buying another bottle! My husband hasn’t woke me up in the middle of the night from his snoring in weeks! This stuff is great!”

J. Cheramie

“The best product I have tried, my sleep has improved and I’m much more rested.”

Benny Jey

“My father’s been snoring night and day. With the use of this, his snoring just went away! it absolutely works!”

Kellum Ho