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Snoring Solutions 💤💤 | 10+1 Solutions That Will Stop Snoring Immediately

It might be so unbelievable for a person who snores or his/her partner that there could be a solution for them to stop snoring. As snoring has many harmful effects on the quality of life, it is necessary to know why and stop snoring as soon as possible. In this article, we are not going to discuss the causes of snoring or what snoring effects are.  We will tell you some immediate remedies to stop snoring which are the best stop snoring solutions.


best stop snoring solutionWhy choose immediate solutions for snoring?

There are many solutions to stop snoring from losing weight to surgery. All of these long-lasting or complicated solutions can be useful and can be one of the ultimate stop snoring solutions. A snorer should know his/her snoring causes and test long-term remedies to get rid of this problem (snoring) over time. However, some people can achieve good results from some simple and immediate solutions that are all free or low-cost and easy to test. So why not check them out? 


1. Sleep on the side

Sleeping on the back might cause the tongue to drop to the back of the throat. It can block part of the air passage. In some cases sleeping on the side can help with the airflow and decrease or stop snoring. It is a good idea to use a small ball under the mattress to prevent sleeping on the back. This is a simple and effective anti-snoring solution every snorer could test as the first step of a snoring solution.


2. Raise the head of your bed 🛌

It is simple to make the head of the bed elevated four inches and this can help decrease snoring as the airways remain open.


3. Use nasal strips

Sticking nasal strips on the nose’s bridge can be useful because these nasal strips cause the nasal passage to widen. The result is, breathing gets easier, more effective and snoring decreases.


4.Avoid drinking alcohol before bed

It doesn’t mean to stop drinking alcohol. Although it can be the best anti-snoring solution, it is not an immediate solution. Everybody knows it is a hard decision to make and needs some time. So it is enough to try not to drink alcohol for at least 2 hours before going to bed. The reason behind it is that alcohol can relax the muscles of the throat, and it is one of the most important causes of snoring.


5.Avoid taking painkillers before bed

If it is necessary to use painkillers before bed, the person should talk to his/her doctor to find an alternative for it. Sedatives are one of the most common causes of snoring, and by stopping it, the snoring will disappear in most cases.


anti-snoring solutions6. Enough Sleep Time

Every person, depending on the age, should sleep enough during the night. For an adult, 8 hours of sleep a night can be sufficient.


7.Use an Oral Appliance

“Oral appliances” are Dental mouthpieces that are useful to keep open the air passages and breathe easily. This is the reason that they can avoid snoring. It is suggested to go to a dentist to have one of these devices.


8. Clear Nasal Congestion

Having a stuffy nose can cause snoring. It is easy to rinse the nose sinuses with saline before going to bed. Using a neti pot or nasal decongestant are some solutions that simplify breathing during sleeping.


9. Use Humidifier in the Bedroom to Make Air Moist

Mucous Membranes can be irritated in the nose and throat by dry air; therefore as long as swollen nasal tissues are the reason for throat snoring, a humidifier might come to aid.


10. Be Careful What you Eat Before Bed

Studies show that having too much food, dairy or soy milk just before bed exacerbates snoring. Instead, consuming honey_ this amazing antimicrobial used for many infections _ can cause the airway to open and breathe freely.


11. Nasal sprays

Different types of nasal sprays can be useful to stop snoring. It is suitable for whom, the reason for their snoring is a blockage in the nasal passages. So If someone suffers from this problem, the nasal spray can help by reducing nasal congestion.


At the end of this article, we recommend Asonor®.

Asonor® is not meant to decrease congestion of the nose, it works by slightly tightening the muscles of the throat and lubricating the passage of the air. This helps to reduce snoring.

Asonor® is a Scandinavian anti-snoring nasal drop used in Europe for more than 15 years. It’s a natural-based solution clinically proven to reduce or stop snoring in 3 out of 4 users (%75 success rate). It costs less than a dollar a day & very convenient to use compared to the various devices that have to be placed in the nose or mouth.

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